Monday, June 23, 2014

2015 Subaru WRX for sale GA

Happy to say the 2015 Subaru WRX Limited I bought in April  is THE BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED....quite possibly the BEST CAR I HAVE EVER DRIVEN!

Yes a bold comment. The redesign of the WRX for 2015 brings the chassis and interior up to standards I have not seen in a Subaru. The steering and road feel are much more on the "Germanic" side than Japanese, which is a good thing if you like stiff chassis with still compliant suspension and superior directional control. With full torque at a measly 2000 rpm, the 2.0 Turbo is quick to deliver, and the All Wheel Drive puts all the power to the ground. Torque Vectoring provides amazing directional control and the power seems to "pull" one around the corner rather than make for understeer.

My 2015 WRX pictured at my parents house in Upstate NY

As for typical Subaru pluses...the stability is awesome in the rain, the visibility great, and so far I have achieved 32mpg on a long highway trip to NY state! My WRX has the new high torque CVT. While I never thought I would own an automatic car ( this is my first) I really fell for the new CVT in the WRX. Forget what the jaded car journalists does belong in the WRX! I get to be lazy on my morning commute and I my trip home I can act like a rally driver with full control and fast response via the paddle shifters and multi mode sport settings.

All in all a great car. With the 2015 WRX you will not see yourself coming or going....and in a sea of BMW and Audis in Atlanta; a nice change of scenery!